Telescopes 101

Refractor Telescope observing the Milky Way Galaxy

Do you dream of stargazing on moonless nights under a blanket of stars? Perhaps you’ve been camping and are mesmerized by the beauty of the Milky Way galaxy arching across the night sky. Maybe you took an astronomy class and have long wanted a telescope. You know some of the constellations and are eager to learn a lot more.

Closet Telescopes

Closet Telescopes is the name given to telescopes that are bought with the best of intentions, often as Christmas gifts, used a few times, then relegated to a closet. For whatever reason, be it optics, inability to find objects in the night sky, boredom, problems setting it up, or any one of a number of reasons, that telescope you were so excited to get now collects dust in a closet. You’ve wasted your money and, worse yet, you still want to know the night sky and observe it, but don’t know where to begin.

Night Sky Objects

Lunar Eclipse phases of the Moon

View Lunar Eclipses, Galaxies from 2.5 million to over 65 million light years away. Look at the Andromeda Galaxy up close and personal, like you can reach out and touch it. Visit Supernova remnants and colorful nebulae. Wonder at clusters of stars and clusters of galaxies. All from your own telescope.

No more waiting in line at a Star Party to see the same object over and over again. How many times have you seen M13? Wouldn’t you like to choose your own objects to observe and spend an evening working through your own observing plan instead of sharing a telescope with, perhaps, hundreds of others? Would you like to do a Messier marathon? Maybe you’d like to spend an entire night observing the wonders in Sagittarius, or feasting your eyes upon the Orion Nebula for more than just a minute or two. Its all possible with the right telescope for you.

Inspire a Scientist

Do you have a budding scientist in your home? Or want to develop a student with a passion for math and science? A telescope is long recognized as one of the very best ways to instill a sense of wonder in students.

Don’t Hesitate

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