I have been a lifelong advocate of STEM Education, long before it ever became a buzzword. I was a woman in very male dominated classes and careers, and it never even dawned on me that I didn’t belong there.

As a physics major at Purdue, the ratio of men to women was 16 to 1. When I changed to Electrical Engineering Technology, the ratio went to 20 to 1. My primary job throughout high school, carrying out groceries, saw me as the only woman doing this. The thought never crossed my mind that I wasn’t as good or as smart as the men were. Special thanks to my mom for instilling that in me.

After a career in software engineering and database administration, and the Dot Com boom and bust, I changed careers to my one true love: astronomy and aerospace engineering. This is the cool stuff. This is your brain on rocket science.

 Sandy Eulitt Rocket Propulsion Rocket Science STEM Education physics, math, chemistry, astronomy tutor
Errors in the class textbook necessitated acquiring two additional books to make sense of it all. This was a graduate level class I took, taught to me by a former astronaut.

As a result of which, I began tutoring. It turns out I not only have a real aptitude for math, but I have a way of explaining things that students seem to relate to. There is a list of the subjects I tutor and more on my tutoring credentials and philosophy at http://www.stellar-student.com