Yay!!!!! Just a few minutes ago, I completed my registration for a KDP account. I have had several books I’ve wanted to publish for several years now (yes, I need a synonym for several). Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. I finally (LONG story) am in a place where I’m able to devote time to writing, and I am enjoying it!!! To get myself going, I’ve been recording audio on my phone while driving. Transcription has been made easy through the online service Wreally. That has been the baseline of my books. I am now in the “cleanup and organizing” stage, and will use Designrr to publish it all. Fingers crosssed, I may have my first book on Amazon by Thanksgiving. The book is, “Get Bent – What to Expect when You’re Expecting Total Knee Replacement.” It is everything I learned and did from my own incredibly successful bilateral total knee replacement surgery done 20 months ago (today, I just realized). By all measures, I had a recovery in the 99.9 percentile of everyone worldwide, so this is my account of what I did, so you can have this kind of experience, too.

Email me at asksandy@sandyeulitt.com to get a free copy.

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